This is a list of the Un-Go anime episodes.

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# Title screen Description Original airdate
1 Episode 1 Murder at the Ball

Shinjitsu Kanō, a corporate president who is under suspicion for arrest, is stabbed at his own ball. Shinjūrō Yūki, a curious detective, his strange assistant, Inga, and Rie, the daughter of police detective Rinroku Kaishō must solve the case.

October 14, 2011
2 Episode 2 Song of the Heartless

Hisako Osada is killed and the victim's daughter calls upon Shinjūrō to find the true culprit. He and Inga start investigating and soon discover a plot around the (disbanded) idol group Yonagahime 3+1.

October 20, 2011
3 Episode 3 Masked Mansion

Rie pays Shinjūrō a visit, thinking he'll be able to solve the mystery that occurs at the Sasa house. The deceased is the head of the Sasa household, Kazamori Sasa, who died in an explosion. Seven years later, his son, Kazamori, also dies suddenly in an explosion. Is it murder, suicide, or perhaps a curse...?

October 27, 2011
4 Episode 4 House, Unmasked

The former head of the Sasa family, Komamori Sasa, developed a groundbreaking artificial intelligence known as RAI (Real A.I.), but the technology was banned by the government and consigned to oblivion. Shinjūrō's brilliant reasoning follows a trail to the past and exposes the Sasa family's hidden truth. But even then, a mystery remains, until a certain event provides the young detective with a hint, dispelling all of his doubts!

November 3, 2011
5 Episode 5 The Statue of Illusion

During the war, three students bravely volunteered to prevent a terrorist bombing . After the war, it became taboo to speak of their actions, but the unveiling of a bronze statue is held to praise the three young heroes. The sponsor is Hakurō Shimada, the leader of the “Rising Sun Party”, a political organization the three students had been involved in. But then, during the ceremony, two corpses are discovered inside a hidden cavity in the statue. Shinjūrō had been invited to the unveiling, so with two murder victims right in front of him, he gets caught up in the puzzling case.

November 10, 2011
6 Episode 6 The Code Too Simple

Yajima, a man who has just gotten out of prison, pays Shinjūrō a visit. It turns out that he's an old friend of Kaishō and he asks the young detective to break a secret code. Folded inside of a purloined book from Kaishō's library is a piece of paper from Yajima's own personalized manuscript paper with a series of numbers written on it. The decoded message indicates a planned rendezvous, which leads to the suspicion that Kaishō and Yajima's wife had an affair while Yajima was incarcerated. But where are the Yajima children, who suddenly disappeared one day?

November 17, 2011
7 Episode 7 Daydream

Shinjūrō visits a man in prison, who proclaims himself to be a writer who writes novels in reality. During the conversation, however, Shinjūrō gets trapped in a vision whereby he is a cameraman filming a movie called "Hakuchitachi", or "The Retard". This movie is a film set in a fictionalized modern-day Japan that is embroiled in war, though the story focuses on three young women who escape from different places only to wind up living together in the closet of a ramshackle house and being loved by the same man. One day, Director Mitaka is murdered and the prime suspect is Shinjūrō himself, who was apparently the last person to see the director alive...

November 24, 2011
8 Episode 8 King of Paradise

After searching for the missing Shinjūrō on the net, Kazamori discovers that he's in the East Kantou Social Rehabilitation Program Center, a privately-run prison. Shinjūrō's objective in going to this private prison was to interview the criminal who calls himself "The Novelist" regarding a previous case. Through Rie, Rinroku, Koyama and Hayami also learn of Shinjūrō's whereabouts. Rie tags along as Koyama heads to the prison, where they first meet the Novelist, the last person to see Shinjūrō before his disappearance...

December 1, 2011
9 Episode 9 Kaishō Rinroku's Crime

Shinjūrō wonders where Bettenō has disappeared to, but Inga continuously warns him that Bettenō is dangerous. Meanwhile, a hacking group known as Full Circle is spreading leaks of Rinroku's company and lifestyle. As Rinroku makes a live appearance on television show along with various people from rival companies, an explosion occurs after he exits the room, hospitalizing everyone including Rinroku, whilst another Rinroku appears at Rie's house before she could go to the explosion site. Rie then asks Shinjūrō to prove Rinroku's innocence the next day. Inga, however, comes face to face with Bettenō. After Shinjūrō hears about the second Rinroku from Rie, he deduces that this is the work of Bettenō and believes that Rinroku is the one using her. He gets help from a rookie Diet member to have the hospitalized Rinroku provide a testimony on the leaks.

December 8, 2011
10 Episode 10 Kaishō Rinroku's Funeral

Inga has disappeared, but Shinjūrō continues to search for the truth alone. While investigating the TV station bombing, Shinjūrō, who suspects that Kaishō used Bettenō to do it, devises a plan to uncover the truth. Rinroku is requested to testify at a budget committee, but if done via video monitor while he's in his hospital bed, Bettenō's ability to manipulate people through a person's words should be blocked. Rinroku, who easily deflects the rigorous interrogation, says that "There are an innumerable number of truths. Being satisfied with just one truth is no more than ceasing to think about it beyond that point." Angered by his words, Shinjūrō has Rie tell everyone that Rinroku appeared in her home after the explosion occured. To Shinjūrō's surprise, Inga is called in as a witness to question Izumi, forcing her to reveal secrets about Rinroku's involvement in illegal software used prior to the war. Just after the hospitalized Rinroku is discharged, he is killed in an explosion a distance away from the hospital. After speaking with Rie, Shinjūrō suspects that something is amiss and manages to learn more about Bettenō from the Novelist, further founding his theory that Rinroku used Bettenō's power to fake his death.

December 15, 2011
11 Episode 11 I'm Just Searching

A mysterious invitation has been delivered to Shinjūrō and several other people who have a connection to Rinroku. It contains a message which states "An invitation to a party, in which the real person behind the bombing will be discovered" and seemingly bears the personal seal of Rinroku himself. Shinjūrō believes that the fake Rinroku was the one who appeared at Rie's home, deducing that the actual Rinroku was at the live show and that the Diet member and Rinroku's bodyguard caused the explosion. It is at this point that Rinroku himself seemingly appears with Inga, only for Shinjūrō to deduce that he is actually Izumi's assistant, Shingen Hayami. It is then revealed that the real Rinroku had disguised himself amongst the attendees, having previously faked his death so that he could find out who was impersonating him, after which Shinjūrō also reveals that Bettenō is not a god, but a misbegotten soul of mere words. After a fierce battle, Inga defeats Bettenō and devours her; and Shinjūrō explains his relationship with Inga to Rie.

December 22, 2011