House, Unmasked
Episode 4
Season 1, Episode 4
Kanji 素顔の家
Romaji Sagao no Ie
Air date November 3, 2011
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House, Unmasked is the fourth episode of the Un-Go anime.


It is revealed that Kazamori was actually a program known as RAI, one of the last built by Komamori before they were outlawed. As Kazamori is accused of killing the corpse that was assumed to be him, Shinjūrō and Inga download Kazamori into a doll before he is taken into custody. After discovering that the corpse was an outside and learning that Kazamori's maintainer, Dr. Taku, was also a RAI, Shinjūrō and others soon discover the culprit is Komamori, who faked his death using the body of the real Dr. Taku so that his RAI wouldn't be used by the military. After Komamori is arrested, Kazamori moves his consciousness to a doll of a girl so he can continue its life.

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