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Izumi Koyama
Izumi Koyama anime.png
Personal statistics
Name Izumi Koyama
Kanji 虎山 泉
Gender Female
Professional statistics
Occupation Prosecutor
Anime statistics
Debut Episode 1
Murder at the Ball
Japanese voice Takako Honda

Izumi Koyama, prosecutor for the Public Prosecutor's Office, Joint Coordinating Department. Due to pressure from foreign countries, the Joint Coordinating Department was created in postwar Tokyo to regulate government organizations. Possessing the authority to use her own judgment on whether to launch an investigation, Izumi frequently gets involved in Shinjūrō's cases. She works alongside Rinroku, often going to the scene for him.


Izumi is a tall and slender woman. She has dark blue eyes and black hair. Her hair is parted on the right. The right side of her hair reaches her shoulder, while the left side is shorter and only reaches her mouth.

She wears a dark green suit. She has a green vest, buttoned over a white shirt. Her shoes are black.


A public prosecutor with a no-nonsense personality, Koyama often calls on Rinroku for help in solving cases. She does not think fondly of Shinjuurou, and even less of Inga.


Not much of her past is known.


Full plot[]

Hayami Seigen falls in love with her.