Kaishō Rinroku's Crime
Episode 9
Season 1, Episode 9
Kanji 海勝麟六の犯罪
Romaji Kaishō Rinroku no Hanzai
Air date December 8, 2011
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King of Paradise
Kaishō Rinroku's Funeral
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Kaishō Rinroku's Crime is the ninth episode of the Un-Go anime series.


Shinjūrō wonders where Bettenō has disappeared to, but Inga continuously warns him that Bettenō is dangerous. Meanwhile, a hacking group known as Full Circle is spreading leaks of Rinroku's company and lifestyle. As Rinroku makes a live appearance on a television show along with various people from rival companies, an explosion occurs after he exits the room, hospitalizing everyone including Rinroku, whilst another Rinroku appears at Rie's house before she could go to the explosion site. Rie then asks Shinjūrō to prove Rinroku's innocence the next day. Inga, however, comes face to face with Bettenō. After Shinjūrō hears about the second Rinroku from Rie, he deduces that this is the work of Bettenō and believes that Rinroku is the one using her. He gets help from a rookie Diet member to have the hospitalized Rinroku provide a testimony on the leaks.

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