Kaishō Rinroku's Funeral
Episode 10
Season 1, Episode 10
Kanji 海勝麟六の葬送
Romaji Kaishō Rinroku no Sōsō
Air date December 15, 2011
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Kaishō Rinroku's Crime
I'm Just Searching
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Kaishō Rinroku's Funeral is the tenth episode of the Un-Go anime series


Inga has disappeared, but Shinjūrō continues to search for the truth alone. While investigating the TV station bombing, Shinjūrō, who suspects that Kaishō used Bettenō to do it, devises a plan to uncover the truth. Rinroku is requested to testify at a budget committee, but if done via video monitor while he's in his hospital bed, Bettenō's ability to manipulate people through a person's words should be blocked. Rinroku, who easily deflects the rigorous interrogation, says that "There are an innumerable number of truths. Being satisfied with just one truth is no more than ceasing to think about it beyond that point." Angered by his words, Shinjūrō has Rie tell everyone that Rinroku appeared in her home after the explosion occured. To Shinjūrō's surprise, Inga is called in as a witness to question Izumi, forcing her to reveal secrets about Rinroku's involvement in illegal software used prior to the war. Just after the hospitalized Rinroku is discharged, he is killed in an explosion a distance away from the hospital. After speaking with Rie, Shinjūrō suspects that something is amiss and manages to learn more about Bettenō from the Novelist, further founding his theory that Rinroku used Bettenō's power to fake his death.

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