King of Paradise
Episode 8
Season 1, Episode 8
Kanji 楽園の王
Romaji Rakuen no Ō
Air date December 1, 2011
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Kaishō Rinroku's Crime
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King of Paradise is the eight episode of the Un-Go anime series.


After searching for the missing Shinjūrō on the net, Kazamori discovers that he is in the East Kantou Social Rehabilitation Program Center, a privately-run prison. Shinjūrō's objective in going to this private prison was to interview the criminal who calls himself "The Novelist" regarding a previous case. Through Rie, Rinroku, Koyama and Hayami also learn of Shinjūrō's whereabouts. Rie tags along as Koyama heads to the prison, where they first meet the Novelist, the last person to see Shinjūrō before his disappearance, and are both put under the novelist's spell and become characters in his 'novel' alongside Shinjūrō. As Inga determines this is the work of a deity known as Bettenou, Kazamori manages to use of a pair of taser handcuffs to snap Shinjūrō back to reality. Shinjūrō investigates into the real murder, determining the culprit to be one of the 'actresses', Sayo Izawa, who killed the 'director', who was actually a security guard trying to help her escape, because she believed she was being cut from the movie. Meanwhile, Inga gets the truth out of the novelist whilst Bettenou disappears.

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