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Masked Mansion
Episode 3.png
Season 1, Episode 3
Kanji 覆面屋敷
Romaji Fukumen Yashiki
Air date October 27, 2011
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Song of the Heartless
House, Unmasked
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Masked Mansion is the third episode of the Un-Go anime series.


Rie calls on Shinjūrō and Inga to accept a request from Mitsuko Sasa, whose adopted brother Kazamori caught on fire and died, allegedly related to a curse from her father, Komamori, who died in a similar manner seven years ago. As Izumi's group conducts their own investigations on the cause of Kazamori's death, Inga uses her powers to reveal that Kazamori is actually a supercomputer.

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Masked Mansion Correlation
Victim Komamori SasaKazamori Sasa EP4 Correlation.png
Culprit Unknown
Other Itoji SasaMitsuko SasaKigihiko SasaFumihiko SasaHidenobu Taku