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Murder at the Ball
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Season 1, Episode 1
Kanji 舞踏会の殺人
Romaji Butōkai no Satsujin
Air date October 14, 2011
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Murder at the Ball is the first episode of the Un-Go anime series.


Shinjitsu Kanō, a corporate president under suspicion for fraud, holds a ballroom event. Among the invitees are Shinjūrō Yūki, a curious detective, his strange assistant, Inga, and Rie, the daughter of police detective Rinroku Kaishō. During the event, Kanō is mysteriously murdered, stabbed with a knife in his back. Suspicions falls on a member of the SP police who was found shot dead in the hallway. However, thanks to Shinjūrō's detective work and the strange abilities of Inga, who transforms into an adult capable a forcing an answer to any one question she asks someone, they soon discover the culprit is Kanō's wife, who wanted him to die a hero.

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Murder at the Ball Correlation
Victim Shinjitsu KanōRyōko Terada EP1 Correlation.png
Culprit Atsuko Kanō
Other Ittō OnoMasahiko Kanda