Rie Kaishō
Rie Kaisho anime
Personal statistics
Name Rie Kaishō
Kanji 海勝梨江
Gender Female
Relatives Rinroku Kaishō (father)
Professional statistics
Occupation None
Anime statistics
Debut Episode 1
Murder at the Ball
Japanese voice Nozomi Yamamoto
Rie Kaishō, Rinroku Kaishō's daughter. She shows an interest in Shinjuurou and Inga after they solve a murder case at a private party.


Rie is a beautiful young girl. She has large, brown eyes and is very slim. She has very long, brown hair that reaches over her lower back. Two curled bangs hang besides her face.

Rie often wears outfits with skirts, or dresses. Except when she horseback-rides. When she is at home, she casually wears a pink sweatsuit, with white lines.


Due to a good upbringing, her personality combines open-mindedness with stubbornness. She dislikes the fact that her father, Rinroku, tends to cover up conspiracies instead of giving the public the truth.  


Rie's mother died when she was three years old, which caused some suspicions in a case she worked on with Shinjurou. Her father is very wealthy so she has had a comfortable life.


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