Rinroku Kaishō
Rinroku Kaishō anime
Personal statistics
Name Rinroku Kaishō
Kanji 海勝 麟六
Alias Media King
Gender Male
Relatives Rie Kaishō (daughter)
Professional statistics
Occupation Chairman of JJ System
Media King
Information analysis adviser
Anime statistics
Debut Episode 1
Murder at the Ball
Japanese voice Shinichiro Miki
Rinroku Kaishō, the chairman of JJ System, which holds a monopoly on the communication infrastructure and its technology in postwar reconstruction Tokyo. Kaishō rules as the Media King, is widely known in political and industrial circles, and acts as an information analysis adviser to the Public Prosecutor's Office, the National Police Agency


Rinroku is a slim man with rather wide shoulders. He looks older than he actually is, due to his grey hair and classic glasses. He has flat eyes and a long face and nose. He dresses in casual clothes, a dark blue shirt with long sleeves and a beige sweater over it. He has light brown pants and shoes in the same color. He also has a necklace with some kind of silver jewel on it.




Murder at the BallEdit

Rinroku is first seen working on his computer in his bureau. Rie enters the room and Rinroku sees her via a monitor on his screen. He comments on the dress that it looks good on her.

Song of the HeartlessEdit

Masked MansionEdit