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Seigen Hayami
Seigen Hayami.png

Personal statistics
Name Seigen Hayami
Kanji 速水星玄
Gender Male
Professional statistics
Occupation Police chief
Anime statistics
Debut Episode 1
Murder at the Ball
Japanese voice Miyu Irino

Seigen Hayami, National Police Agency, Security Bureau Section Chief. As a representative of the police, Seigen gets involved in various cases.


Seigen is rather tall. He has brown hair and darker brown eyes. He is oftern seen wearing a suit. He has fair skin.


Seigen seems cold but he isn't. Deep down he is very caring and shows that to Izumi. He dislikes Shinjurou though. When he takes possession of Bettenō he gives her various tasks to fool everyone that Rinroku Kaishō is dead and make Inga suffer, showing sadistic personality.




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