The Statue of Illusion
Episode 5
Season 1, Episode 5
Kanji 幻の像
Romaji Maboroshi no Zō
Air date November 10, 2011
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House, Unmasked
The Code Too Simple
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The Statue of Illusion is the fifth episode of the Un-Go anime.


At the unveiling of a statue created in memory of three youths who sacrificed themselves to dispose of a bomb, two people who were snuck in to try and unveil a purported scam behind the story are found murdered inside the statue. Shinjūrō initially suspects the statue's commissioner, Hakuro Shimada, as the murderer, but Inga's question proves his innocence. After a brief depression and a pep talk from Kazamori, Shinjūrō deduces the culprit to be the statue's creator, Yōko, who killed the men before they were transported, before later revealing the location of gold bricks that Hakuro had hidden.

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Culprit Yōko Hirato
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