Toshiji Aramaki
Toshiji Aramaki
Personal statistics
Name Toshiji Aramaki
Kanji 荒巻 敏司
Gender Male
Age 47
Relatives Hisako Osada (lover)
Professional statistics
Occupation Restaurant proprietor
Anime statistics
Debut Episode 2
Song of the Heartless
Toshiji Aramaki was Hisako Osada's lover. He was suspected and hunted down in suspicion of murdering Hisako, and he eventually killed himself.


Toshiji is a rather fat, middle-aged man. He has short black, curly hair and glasses. He was seen wearing casual clothes, a dark blue vest and a grey shirt. Because of his fetish of crossdressing, he was last seen wearing a pink dress and a blonde wig.




Song of the HeartlessEdit

Aramaki suicide

Aramaki commits suicide



Song of the Heartless Correlation
Victim Hisako Osada EP2 Correlation
Culprit An Osada
Other Yonagahime 3+1 = Kumi Tsunemi + Yumeno Zawayume + Sumika Nakahashi
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