Yōko Hirato
Yoko Hirato
Personal statistics
Name Yōko Hirato
Kanji 平戸 葉子
Gender Female
Professional statistics
Occupation Sculptor
Anime statistics
Debut Episode 5
The Statue of Illusion
Japanese voice Yuka Terasaki
Yōko Hirato is a sculptor and Jirō's friend. She made the statue for the Hakurō Shimada and killed Mitsuhisa and Gomi in an attempt to obtain Hakurō's gold bars.


She is a young woman in her early 20's and is very seductive. Her hair is extremely wavy but looks better in a ponytail or pinned up and her eyes are light brown. She is very beautiful and able to seduce men with ease.




The Statue of IllusionEdit

Yoko was the artist in charge of creating a statue to acknowledge three men who supposedly died honoraly in battle. But the whole time she along with another boy were planning to use two henchmen to steal the gold.When she was planning to steal the gold bricks she seduced the two men who were supposed to steal the brick the night before. After she drugged them she slit thier throats and stuffed their bodies in the statue but didn't notice a drop of blood landed on the statues face.



The Statue of Illusion Correlation
Victim Mitsuhisa and Gomi EP5 Correlation
Culprit Yōko Hirato
Other Hakurō ShimadaJirō ShimadaSadanobu YamamotoTetsuya Ōtsubo