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Yumeno Zawayume
Yumeno Zawayume.png
Personal statistics
Name Yumeno Zawayume
Kanji 常実 公美
Gender Female
Professional statistics
Occupation Former singer/idol
Partner(s) Kumi Tsunemi
Sumika Nakahashi
Anime statistics
Debut Episode 2
Song of the Heartless
Japanese voice Emiri Katō

Yumeno Zawayume is a former singer and idol of Yonagahime 3+1.


Yumeno is now a woman in her end-twenties. She has short, dark green or brown hair and wears tinted glasses. According to Shinjūrō and Inga, she is pretty masculin in appearance.

Yumeno on stage

In her prime, when she was still singing with Yonagahime, she was still in high school or college. She was very beautiful and had long black hair, that was slightly curly. Her costume consists mostly of the color blue.




Song of the Heartless[]



Song of the Heartless Correlation
Victim Hisako Osada EP2 Correlation.png
Culprit An Osada
Other Yonagahime 3+1 = Kumi Tsunemi + Yumeno Zawayume + Sumika Nakahashi
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